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More than 30 years of experience in the aeronautical sector

Experience, personalized service and speed

These are the words with which our clients describe our services, in addition to our special motto Discretion, Responsibility and Satisfaction.

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Our team responds to all the needs of travel, purchase, sale and rental of aircraft, maintenance, pilot service and catering

We assign a delegate to advise you, answer all your concerns and keep you informed of the latest news.

Our main concern is to offer our customers the best brands on the market and an efficient service

Would you like to rent a plane?

Leasing a plane can be an alternative to direct purchase motivated by its practicality.

We help you choose a rented plane

  • Be the owner of your plane while you have the pleasure of flying.

  • know a little more about the world of aviation and the aircraft before taking the next step to buy

Let us know your flight itinerary and we will contact you.

Whether you need a full crew or a single service as a pilot or flight attendant you can contact us

Know everything we have to offer

In NBAS we have dedicated ourselves for many years to the trade, management, services and rentals of aircraft, today we expand our horizons reaching more and more countries and more services, such as flight planning, catering services and much more.

We fly where you tell us

If you are the owner of an aircraft, rent an aircraft or simply want to move from one place to another, we will plan the flight, fuel, loading and unloading of luggage and even the catering staff, all tailor-made and meeting the best expectations.

Aircraft sales

From the test of the aircraft, to the signing of the purchase-sale contract, we assist in person in the entire process that the sale of an aircraft may have, with technical and mechanical tests and a test flight to guarantee that the aircraft you buy is in perfect condition. terms.