Our pilots are prepared to meet your needs, complying with high standards of safety, quality, and flight satisfaction.

We are current and available in

Gulfstream V

Gulfstream IV

Hawker 850XP

Citation 500, 550, 560

We have a minimum profile of experience such as:

ATP, 5000+ Total Hours Flight, 4000+ PIC, 4000+ Jet, Military Experience, International Operations, bilingual (English and Spanish)

Service Pilot

Prepared for your flight demands 24/7 and trained in schools with international aeronautical certifications that meet safety and efficiency standards.

Our services cover an endless number of tasks to enjoy a complete service:

  • Flight planning from origin to destination.
  • Fuel planning.
  • Loading and unloading of luggage.
  • Safe Aircraft Operations:
    • Avoid dangerous weather conditions.
    • operate the aircraft within the operating parameters recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Additional services included at no cost:
    • Organize and supervise all maintenance and cleaning of the aircraft according to the owner’s instructions.
    • Organize ground transportation, catering and any special request for our clients and / or passengers.
    • Our pilots are committed to assisting the customer in any cockpit technology problem at the customer’s request.

Execution of Flight – Flights will be conducted only under Federal Aviation Administration FAR Part 91 or similar ICAO chapter. In addition, flights will be conducted under IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) procedures set forth under FAR Part 61 & 91.

Flight Planning – We use flight planning computer software to plan all flights and provide estimated en-route times for all flights.

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